Creative Fifers

Creative Fifers

Fifers who have made a contribution to modern culture are the subject of a fascinating photo-art exhibition. Creative Fifers is the idea of photographer Walter Neilson, who wanted to take studio images of 30 well-known figures from Fife.

Those who agreed to take part include singer-writer Rab Noakes of Stealers Wheel, Crime novelist Ian Rankin and sculptor and installation artist David Mach. The 4 month tour reaches Maspie House Gallery on 7th August. Others photographed by Mr Neilson included actor Dougray Scott, Crime writer Val McDermid, artist Jack Vettriano, actress Cora Bisset and Richard Jobson of The Skids.

The genuine fake Picasso by Dominic Currie, that caused a worldwide stir when the story first broke a few weeks ago will also be on show. The performance painting reputedly by Pablo Picasso was claimed to have been found in an attic and as part of a gift from a Soviet soldier to his girlfriend in the mid 1950s.

It was a piece of Performance Art and an experiment in media relations towards artistic iconoclasm at the expense of new up and coming artists who never get much (if any) media attention.

Maspie House Gallery will host the exhibition and works from the following artists –

David Mach. Peter McLaren. Kenny Munro. Marion Smith. Susan McGill.

Hatti Pattison. Dominic Currie . Jonny Hannah. Kathryn Neale.